LO4D.com Review of Delta60

In the category of accounting software, it's hard to come by useful titles which are licensed as freeware. Thankfully, Delta60 has released a free accounting program in its Delta60 Accounting Software - World Version. The base of this accounting software is actually the USA version, and it gives you the option to switch over the the world version which offers a few extra features not so commonly used in the United States or Canada.

The application includes the "Stargate" interface which is an attempt at making the software look cool. Though accounting software doesn't normally look so great, this program changes that and it's actually refreshing to work with software doing such menial tasks as organizing your numbers and dealing with accounting and accountants. Do realize that the look of this application is pretty retro. The toolbar-based interface (which you can select) looks much less interesting, though if you really love the typical and boring accounting software look, check it out.

The main features of Delta60 are the tools which are included; they are among Databases, Accounting, Processing, Buy Inventory and Sell Items. These tools are fully manageable and configurable from within the main options. Each of the tools included open up into similar-looking dialog boxes. The accounting tool is currently the most developed tool of the entire Delta60 Free Accounting Software suite.

Like the USA version of Delta60, the program is able to calculate sales tax and can switch between different tax rates. Though there is a paid version called Delta62, the freeware version offered here is fully capable and amazingly comprehensive for a freeware product.

If you're looking for a place to get started with Delta60, we highly recommend starting out with the help menus included with the software package.

Download your free copy from: www.delta60.com


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