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  Business Services Company was founded in 1986.   Company founder Ray Walker (click Linked in below) soon realized that an inexpensive "user friendly" software program for daily record keeping functions was needed for any business.  What was found were many software programs that functioned well in certain areas but not in others.  With these so called "canned" programs, the time and expense incurred with initial setup far outweighed the cost of most of these accounting packages.  When functionality was found insufficient, a business had no choice but to try another package in hopes that it would operate the way they do business.

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Company Goal:  To provide inexpensive computer software for small to medium sized businesses.


           inventory functions on a one screen view.  PartCenter Lite Ver. 1.0 is released as a stand alone inventory.




        Install routines were enhanced for the release of Windows 7.

        The manual update feature of the Federal Tax Charts in Paymastr Payroll was increased to handle six additional fields. 


        "Customer No Buy Report" have been enhanced within Partracr, Deltanet 5.0 and Delta60 Accounting Software. 



          A new report, "Vendor Purchase Ranking" has been added to the above mentioned software.


          The "Print Statements" function within Accounts Receivable has been enhanced for Delta60 and Deltanet 5.0




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No software offering can be everything to everybody,  if it did it would be to large and cumbersome for all users.  The advantage of free software is that a business can quickly test the suitability of an application without any initial cost.  


Thank You,

Ray Walker


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