Review of Delta60

Delta60 - Accounting Made Easy

Handle all your accounting needs on your personal computer all by yourself with the Delta60. If you do not have enough manpower in your company and yet need to manage your financial statements and accounting requirements on a daily basis, Delta60 is the best way to go.

Delta60 = Accounting Stability

Instead of painstakingly writing down all your bookkeeping entries to keep track of your company finances, why not use Delta60? It is a fast and efficient solution that enables you to easily double-check your entries, go back to view older entries, and correct earlier mistakes that you may have made.
Delta60 allows you to make a record of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables. Aside from this, you can also have a General Ledger for all the miscellaneous expenses that you encounter in day-to-day business.
This software is not just for small business with easy and simple accounting needs. If your business requires keeping track of a huge amount of inventory and you have multiple customers who buy from you at different prices, Delta60 can handle this for you as well. Sales reporting and inventory checking has never been easier. Invoicing also becomes a snap with this handy, free software.
One of the newest features of the latest version of Delta60 is that it now includes e-mail support. You do not need to save your work and then exit the program to open a mail browser window or a separate e-mail program. In the latest version of Delta60, you can send all the reports and data that you have generated and compiled directly to an e-mail recipient. This not only saves time, but it also helps in keeping all the information protected and secure. Aren't we all for easier and more efficient accounting?

Download Delta60 now here for free and experience just that.

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