3d2f.com Review of Delta60

Delta60 is a unique application by its multi-functionality. Delta60 solves all tasks related to accounting, including customers, item inventory, debits and credits, employees, and so on.

The program has databases of customers, items, vendors and accounts. Once you have filled all those databases with your company's data, you gain the access to all
rich accounting capabilities Delta60 provides. You can create Sales Invoices for your customers; you can make payments, and process Purchase Orders and manage your employees Payroll.

Each of those actions applies all changes to applicable accounts, inventories and databases (for example, when you create and print an invoice, Delta60 will automatically update the invoiced item's database, accounts, and customer and salesman profiles). Delta60
always keeps your data consistent. That allows you to easily review the current and historical state of your entire business or some of its aspects. Delta60 also features multiple reporting capabilities - almost any point-of-view (customers, salesmen, items, incomes, expenses...) can be reported and printed.

Delta60 has
innovative and colorful user interface with thoroughly designed interaction; you and your employees should easily manage with it.

Download your free copy from:  http://www.delta60.com

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